The AB-Shack Health Bar is a refreshing change from any other eatery.

The AB-Shack Health Bar is the next massive step in the future of the fitness and nutrition industry offering “FAST NUTRITION” to all the delegates.

We have taken operational systems and ideas from some of the most successful food companies in the world and collaborated them with our own twist and focus on healthy food and amazing taste!

AB-Shack uses a macro nutrient division, meaning we are getting to the core of peoples fitness. We're not just counting the calories for weight management, but taking it one step further with promoting and advertising the macro and micro nutrient ratio for health management, teaching people not only to eat healthily but to eat right for their body and daily needs for optimal health and well-being.

AB-Shack offers a huge healthy menu selection, enough to give variety and choice but simple enough to not confuse you. Whether it be eat in, take-away, delivery or grab and go!

We will be running regular competitions with some of the best athletes from across the globe hosting them with great prizes to keep you interested in our community and help you enjoy our fitness environment.

Hopefully the question on everyones lips...the answer is YES, yes we will be offering food prepping services. Whether it be pick up from the Ab-Shack or one of our pick up point gyms we will be working with. You will get your meals fresh every three days, no freezing just fresh and tasty food ready to eat every day!

We have a huge announcement coming with our supplement stores! We will be working with on of the biggest known fitness brands in the UK to offer this service to you. More coming very soon!